Artist: Tina Lindegaard
Fishing Village 1-5
Price: Works range in price from $125.00 to $375.00 please contact WKRAC for details.
Dimensions (h, w, d) in cm:
Varying sizes. The work consists of 5 parts on canvas and mounted on stretcher frames of varying depths (3/4-5).
Media: Acrylic paint and modeling paste on canvas
Statement: This work was the result of an artist's residency at Pacific Rim National Park near Tofino, BC, this summer. I resided with 5 other artists for 5 days where we spent much of our time exploring, observing and sharing ideas and concepts. The beauty and diversity of the area inspired a number of works from each of us, the main one for me being the set of 5 canvases depicting a small fishing village across the inlet from our lodge. I spent each morning observing this tiny, quiet community and drawing various parts of it throughout the time spent there. As well, a series of Artist Trading Cards were made of this scene which eventually inspired the larger works presented here. These images were a bit of a departure from my usual working method, yet still very much in my style and evoking many an emotional response from viewers. I consider them at the moment to be some of my Personal Best work and enjoyed the creating process so much I decided to enter them in this exhibition.