Artist: Sherri Soukoroff
Winter Creek
Price: $1850.00
Dimensions (h, w, d) in cm:
155, 49, 2
Media: Oil paint and graphite on birch plywood
Statement: When I reflect on 'personal best' I think of my search for integrity in my art. I think of challenging myself technically and creating art that satisfies myself personally but can also hold a broader audience. My creative process for the 'creek series' began in the winter of '09. Born out of a heightened look at global water in response to climate changes I began reflecting on my own personal relationship to water. The first creek I painted in this series is that of Hume creek (my own water source) which has also supplied my ancestors their water for eighty years. I began to see the luxury, the health and the constant supply and giving of this small creek. I also reflect upon the nature of change that is apparent in the properties of water. I reflect on my family growing older, aging, death and rebirth as in the cycle of our seasons. Upon undertaking the 'winter creek' and creek series I wanted to use techniques from earlier years when I worked with graphite and linseed oil. Line drawing for me had been an expressive, gestural experience and I wanted to bring that quality back with 'the creeks' in an attempt to not overwork the paint. The birch was a natural selection to obtain an organic quality with the graphite and oil. My goal was to recreate the rhythms of the creek and attempt to not be too precise in replicating the details. For me this series is a new personal best as I have achieved some of the goals I set out to.