Artist: rabi'a
Picasso's "Don Quiote" by rabi'a
Price: NFS
Dimensions (h, w, d) in cm:
30, 80
Media: Rusty steel
Statement: I am Rabi'a, born in 1943, in Holland and immigrated to Canada in 1958. I am passionate about my gardens and my art and combine the two where the gardens become the stage for my art. You will find, sculpural mosaics, carved rock, ceramics. I work with steel and other metals, glass, mirror, stone, ceramics. My pieces are inspired by found objects and materials, no chance of duplicating, ever. I am self taught and love falling off the deep end, learning a new medium, materials and it's tools. My nearly favourite place in the city are scrap metal yards, imagine finding a 45 gallon barrel of forks or ball bearings, the possibilities, I also love magnets. These are the things that make my heart beat faster. I want to give huge thanks to Carl Schlichting for believing in me, his enthusiasm, tech and tool support, mounting my pieces. Without his help I wouldn't be where I am today. My art can be seen at the "Artful Lodger" 5 acres on the Slocan River in Winlaw, BC.