Artist: Natasha Smith
Title: Self-Determined
Price: $695.00
Dimensions (h, w, d) in cm:
61, 107, 4.5
Media: Collage materials/Drywall compound/Acrylic
Statement: Self-Determined is a collage painting that was inspired by the collage materials I used, and a recent body of work entitled Enclosed Forms that investigated various cell and bud shaped forms. The nature of the lengths of twisted, frayed cotton lead the development of this painting, as when they were layed down and glued they began to reference DNA structures. I then developed this idea including further cell like forms. Drywall compound was then applied to the collaged areas almost obliterating the forms and then I sanded it back so that the shapes were subtely revealed. This painting became a contemplation on DNA, something we have no power to change, the information stored will emerge. The subtle acrylic glazes speak of a wish that beauty will show itself, we pass our DNA information on to our children and then hope that it is our Personal Best.