Artist: Mirja Vahala
Gimli Peak
Price: $550.00
Dimensions (h, w, d) in cm:
60, 90, 3.75
Media: Acrylics
Statement: Ideas come to me from our common well of human needs and experiences: how we relate to time, to change, and to mortality. As I paint, the sense that I am made visible through my art fills me with feelings of vulnerability and the desire to see the messages within natureÆs beauty and power. Walking with my dogs in the West Kootenay outdoors, I see stories in the surrounding landscape. I see lightning strike a tree and I think about how a forest needs fire to flourish, just as we need hardship to become our best beings. In my imagination I see a tree, struck by lightning, transforming into birds. With this image in my heart and mindÆs eye, I feel a flutter in my belly. I return to my studio and begin again to paint.