Artist: Leslie Otterbein
Schooldays Past
Price: $400.00
Dimensions (h, w, d) in cm:
14, 21, 2
Media: B&W Carbon Print (Photograph)
Statement: Moulin Window: The photograph is of an old Moulin, or Windmill, in Quebec. Faces of two of my ancestors have been introduced into the top window. The reasoning behind this is that although we are often left with legacies of the past such as the Moulin, the faces behind them may not be as well preserved. The intention was to remind us that stone and wood are only artifacts of human endeavor. Schooldays Past: A Prairie landmark that hopefuly evokes memories in the people who actually went to a school like this. Ironically the slide is till functional, whereas the building (and perhaps the institution) has suffered somewhat from abandonment and neglect.