Artist: Catherine Wetmore
Title: Water Iris
Price: NFS
Dimensions (h, w, d) in cm:
61, 61, 4
Media: Acrylic
Statement: This series of paintings started with the recycling of an acrylic painting by covering the surface with darkened gel and drawing through it to reveal parts of the under-painting. I was intrigued with the light created, seen as if under water or through piece of darkened glass. The early pieces featured water lilies, a survival plant that interested me because they can grow in sludge and contaminated water and also are symbol of life and purity. The smelter images developed as I noticed the amazing orange evening glow that envelopes the Trail area. This light seemed to transform the smelter complex, where grey rock is changed to shining metal, into an image of beauty. For me, light, in its various qualities evokes an encouraging response - hope - faced as we are with our contemporary ecologic and economic realities.