Artist: Catherine Anne Nixon
Title: Out of the Blue
Price: $1500.00
Dimensions (h, w, d) in cm:
91.4, 60.8, 5
Media: Oil on canvas
Statement: I painted this horse, an eleven-year-old Morgan mare, from a series of photos I took of her during a training session in Queen's Bay. As a photo-realistic painter, my challenge was to subvert my own super-analytical tendancies and bring the image to life without burdening it with niggling details. I had to give myself permission to do this, and I feel I succeeded in it, replacing the round pen and the meadow with a stormy background which I feel lends poetry and myth, power, and motion to the image of the rushing horse. Representing motion on a two-dimensional plane is a challenge to begin with, and to capture the particular explosive speed and strength of a horse doubly so.