Artist: Carol Huscroft
Title: Isabel
Price: NFS
Dimensions (h, w, d) in cm:
27.5, 35
Media: Pastel
Statement: I have been painting for over 30 years in oils, acrylics and watercolours but have only started in pastels the last year. My inspiration is the area where I live with its abundance of wildlife, scenery and flowers as well as family members. With the pastel of Isabel I tried to capture my grandaughter at play in the garden, very intent on what she was playing with to the exclusion of everyone around her. I managed to take the photo that I used for reference with the pastel without her even noticing that I was there. With the acrylic of the cougar I tried to show the sense of waiting for something to happen or some creature to cross its path. I found the expression on the cougars face similar to the one on my son's face when he was waiting for something exciting to happen. I did this painting as a present for my sons birthday. I feel that I captured the feeling that I wanted with the cougar.