Artist: Steven Lalonde
Title: Together in Temptation
Price: NFS
Dimensions (h, w, d) in cm:
91, 122
Media: Acrylic on Canvas
Statement: Together in Temptation and Orbicular Specimen are two paintings that are part of my on-going Flexibility Series. The Series is an exploration of color, line and brushstroke, involving the audience to make their own judgments and opinions on the presented subject matter. Some figures in these paintings are viewing outside the painting to a specific point in space. These figures are intentionally presented as objects of artistic consideration. Their gaze is searching for a representation of reality, which may or may not end at the edge of the painting. Together in Temptation is a thought provoking and sensual painting involving two figures located deep in the lush jungle. Obsession and Temptation are the main themes in this strong and vibrant painting. Orbicular Specimen is painted in the Minimalism style, with one figure and no other motifs. However, the painting presents larger themes of Humanity, Independence and Power.