Artist: Cindy Moser
Title: The Root Fence
Price: NFS
Dimensions (h, w, d) in cm:
30.5, 84, 3.5
Media: Acrylic
Statement: I have always heard "write what you know" so as a new painter I thought I would paint what I know, and that is my garden. This Root Fence was made several years ago with the remains of a mud slide on our property. Trees came down whole with roots attached; after salvaging what we could we were left with a pile of roots, and so the fence began. I have spent endless hours embellishing and contemplating this fence. When I started to paint this image it came quite naturally as I already had the picture in my head. I really enjoyed painting the texture of the wood and rocks. It was the first painting where I felt I really captured the image, texture, light and mood. It is currently my favourite painting and I consider it my personal best (so far).